Great Leaders Do These Things

Great Leaders Do These Things

Everyone has their own leadership style. There is no magic formula that fits everyone. The key is that your leadership style needs to reflect your personality, your values, and your priorities. That said there are certain things every leader should do to avoid being isolated from the realities of the organization and, especially, to avoid alienation from the team being lead.

1. Put together a gang of 2-4 outsiders who you trust to give you honest feedback. It’s often the ones not immersed in the day to day struggle who have the perspective to identify the gaps in your strategies.

2. Choose a trusted insider. This will give you the other perspective. You need someone who will not be a “yes” person. It needs to be someone who has a finger on the pulse of the organization and is unafraid to deliver bad news to you.

3. Reflect. Leave time each day to think about everything that’s going on. Get in touch with your gut feelings and instincts, even if you are unsure. It’s a good idea to write them down, record them, or keep a journal. The next morning review them and hold on to the thoughts that seem to be most valid.

Practicing these three simple techniques will help you keep your priorities straight and sharpen your leadership skills, regardless of your personal style.