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Keywords vs. Quality Content


Keywords are important – no doubt.  Bit by bit Google and the other search engines are creating new ways to evaluate your site and direct searcher to quality results.  Sites that pack keywords in their titles, headings, and tags are coming under closer scrutiny.  If the site is also packed with ads and thin content, Google will penalize the site.  Thin content includes things like external links that have no relevancy to the presumed purpose of the page and content copied from other sites.  Google gives bonus points to original, helpful, and relevant content.  When linking to external sites it should be done in the context of providing more information for users wanting to explore the topic more after consuming your content.   A page with a list of plain links probably won’t impress Google much.  Google also loves videos and original images.  They imply a content rich site.  Remember –  Google owns YouTube.  Stay away from schemes to have your site listed on hundreds directories in order to boost your results on search engines.  If Google identifies those directories as link farms, your ranking will crash.  Stick to “white hat” techniques.  If you have quality and meaningful content for your target audience,  Google wants to find you.  Follow their guidelines and you will be rewarded.

What Does Online Execution Mean?

Online execution encompasses more than throwing up a pretty website.

A well-designed site begins with an understanding of the target audience – specifically your ideal customers.  Profile them.  Identify what they will be seeking when they visit your site.

Will your ideal customers be using your site from mobile devices?  In most cases the answer is yes.  Also,  in most cases they will sometimes be using desktop computers, too.

Are your ideal customers social?  In most cases the answer is yes.  What networks are they using?

What are your business objectives in being online?

How will your online presence integrate with your offline marketing?

All these factors and more need to be considered before committing a single line of code.

This blog will provide some guidance to entrepreneurs and business owners developing their online strategies.   If you know someone who would benefit from a little help, share this link.