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What People Say

"Ed was very professional in his approach to designing our new site ( The site incorporates all the features we were seeking. Throughout the process, Ed solicited feedback from our staff to make sure his work always matched our vision. All the changes we requested after the launch were promptly provided without any additional charge, as the affordable bottom line quote Ed provided included all aspects of the project. The project was completed on time and on budget."
- John Nale, Nale Law

"...mind (thought) stimulating and very beneficial. I am anxious to implement what I have learned!"
- Kathi C.

"I learned as much as I expected to learn. It is such a large topic with so much specific information, but all was covered to my satisfaction. I will immediately start tackling the Bath Printing Co. website issues."
- Pam A.Co.

"Very helpful. Worth every minute."
- Richard D.

"I can't express enough how helpful you have been with regards to educating me on the start up/long term costs of a website."
- Erica M.

"I really like your interest in our idea and the help you honestly want to give."
- Lisa W.

"It was interesting and very informative. Thank you for your time and information."
- Margaret A.

"..truly focused on strategic marketing. It helps me to focus on a plan!"
- Wendi S.

Executive Summary

  • Usability Philosophy
    Every element of your online business should be created with a specific purpose that is aimed at your ideal clients. Typically, new visitors will spend only two or three seconds to determine if you have the answers they seek. Don't distract them with unnecessary eye candy. Design should conform to the objectives of ideal users. Other flourishes should be subordinate to your important messages.
  • 30+ Years as CEO and Entrepreneur
    I've spent three decades as an entrepreneur starting and operating businesses - buying and selling them, too. There isn't much in business I haven't seen or experience firsthand. Understanding how business works helps me better understand your business objectives.
  • Discovering and Uncovering Online Opportunities

    - As a CEO, I've built many successful e-commerce sites from the ground up.

    - As a graduate scholar, I studied Information Systems, E-commerce, and Online Usability at Auburn University, the University of Minnesota, and Syracuse University.

    - As an author, I wrote a feature article published in the Journal of Internet Commerce. Today, I also research online usability and write white papers and resource guides.

    - As a consultant, I help business owners improve their online presence and offline operations.

    - I also teach classes and conduct workshops for entrepreneurs.

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