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Great Ideas

Great Idea Great ideas are all around us. We want to hear yours! We can help by creating a free incubator for your online venture. Our services to get you started are free. We want to partner with energetic entrepreneurs. We also have great ideas for other serious entrepreneurs. There is no risk or cost involved in talking. If we don't click, you are no worse off. If we do click, this could be the most profitable conversation you have all year! Just contact us to get started.

Meanwhile check out these other great ideas - tools, resources, and other free content.

Cool Tools and Resources

Free tools you can download and others you can use directly online

Why No Padlock

free remote access

If you recently added an SSL certificate to your site, your visitors may still be seeing security warnings. The reason can be because not all links in your site have been updated from http: to https:. This free easy-to-use tool will identify the references that need to be fixed.

Team Viewer

free remote access

Do you like the idea GoToMyPC remote access? The free version of Team Viewer does everything GoToMyPC does and ....well it's free! If you stick to the non-commercial rules, you can connect all your PCs, laptops, and tablets for remote access, collaboration, file sharing, and more. The paid versions are a good value, too.

Favicon Generator

free favicon generator

This free tool will create a favicon for your website. A favicon (favorites icon) is the tiny image that appears in your browser next to your website address.

Site Map Generator

free sitemap generator

An XML site map will help search engines index your website. This free online tool will crawl your website and create both an XML and HTML site map that you can add to your site.

Color Scheme Designer

Color Scheme Designer

With this tool you can enter a hexidecimal or RGB color code and it will build a complete working palette. The palette includes mono, complement, triad, tetrad, analogic, and accented analogic color variations.

Color Pallete Generator

free color pallet generator

This tool will suggest 10 compatible colors based on an image you upload. Five of the colors are labeled as dull and five are called vibrant. It is a good way to pick a color that works with other elements on your website. The results include the hexidecimal code.

Color Contrast Analyzer

free color contrast analyzer

Download this free program. It will check foreground color (text) and background color to verify that there is sufficient contrast for readability. It will also check the values against standards for various types of color blindness. Vincent Flanders has created a short YouTube video showing how to use the tool.

Cynthia Says Portal

Cynthia Says Portal

Accessibility is an important issue for website visitors with disabilities. With this free service you can check your site page by page to see if your site meets web standards for accessibility. If you are successful, you can display the Cynthia Says icon.

Blacklist Testing

free color contrast analyzer

Enter your IP address and see if it is on any blacklists that might be blocking some of your email traffic. Caution: Some blasklists are just scams. Investigate before you panic. If your IP address is on multiple blacklists, it might be an indication of a serious problem.

W3C Link Checker

W3C Link Checker

The World Wide Web Consortium is the non-profit organization that establishes the standards for the web. They provide this free link checker. Enter your homepage URL and it will look for broken or outdated links on your entire website.

W3C Validator

W3C Validator

This free online validator will check web pages for coding errors. Keeping code valid means your site will conform to the standards that all browsers expect. If your site checks out okay, you can display the valid icon on your page. Caution: If your web page is using HTML5, it probably won't properly validate. They are working on it.

W3C CSS Validator

W3C CSS Valicator

Like the validator above, the CSS Validation Service checks your CSS file for errors. It will also present a corrected version that you can copy and paste into your style.css file. It's free and you can display the valid icon on your website. The validator may not yet be compatible with CSS3 in all instances.

Original Content

Our original publications, white papers, videos, and class slides are free for you to download.

White Paper

White Paper:
Opportunities and Pitfalls in the New Business Environment: Are Small Businesses in Maine Ready?

Serious questions face Maine's small businesses. Change is happening faster and faster. This white paper considers the consequence of being left behind.

Web Resource Book

30-Page Web Resource Book for Business(PDF)

This information-packed resource book is designed to give business owners and entrepreneurs insights to the new environment and provide a helpful guide to navigating the changing online world. It accompanies a special class offered to business owners and entrepreneurs. It gets updated frequently. The latest version is 2.01. It's free to download.


Class Slides: Successful Online Strategies Explained: Session 1(PDF)
Class Slides: Successful Online Strategies Explained: Session 2(PDF)

These slides accompany the two-part class. Participating in the class is important in order to follow the content on the slide.

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